Destination Races That You Should Be a Part of in Your Lifetime ...

With each year comes new goals and I have so many goals on new places to see and run, many of which are destination races. And by the way, so should you. How cool would it be to see new sights and run a race in a different state or country? A destination race is an escape to get a fitness event in and see the sights. That is just what you will do if you decide to run in one these great destination races, where the sights and culture are beautiful. Here are the destination races that you should run at least once in your lifetime:

1. Big Sur Marathon

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Visit the beautiful and sunny state of California and race the Big Sur Marathon (26.2 miles), 9 mile race or 5k in Carmel. You can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean that are breathtaking while enjoying this as one of the destination races you will love.

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