21 Problems All Running Girls Can Relate to All Too Well ...

By Jennifer

21 Problems All Running Girls Can Relate to All Too Well ...

If you're a runner, chances are, you know EXACTLY what I mean when I list these runner girl problems... though no one else will understand our special pain. Let's see how many of these you've experienced, and compare notes!

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1 Ponytail Pain

Ponytail Pain On windy days, I'm constantly hitting myself in the face with my own ponytail. It's annoying!

2 Tan Lines

Tan Lines Forget about wearing anything strapless, ever, because your many different running tops will give you the strangest tan lines, all year long.

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3 Budgetary Issues

Budgetary Issues There's something very sad about spending so much money on shoes that aren't even cute, and that you won't wear anywhere except on your route.

4 Chafing is a Thing

Chafing is a Thing If you've never experienced the joy and wonder of thigh (or worse, nipple) chafing, you are blessed.

5 Packing for Vacation

Packing for Vacation Packing for a vacation now requires another suitcase, just for your running shoes... and tops... and shorts...

6 Holiday Races

Holiday Races It doesn't matter where you're going on holiday, or for how long, you'll REALLY want to run a race in this new exotic locale.

7 Pedicures

Pedicures I've made the mistake of forgetting to tell the girl at the spa not to shave off my valuable and hard-earned calluses once - and it was hell trying to build them back up again.

8 Headbands Don't Work

Headbands Don't Work I have a pile of headbands that all claim to work, and not one of them does. This girl's does though - no fair!

9 Weird Songs

Weird Songs There is no way to explain why Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" is on your iTunes. Sure, it's an excellent running song, but that just sounds like a flimsy excuse to all your friends.

10 Fave Running Top

Fave Running Top I have one running bra that's a dream, and it is a sad day indeed when it's in the wash.

11 Race Shirts

Race Shirts Of the dozens of races I've done, I've only ever worn the tee shirt from exactly one of them. The other race shirts just aren't flattering!

12 Bad Aftertaste

Bad Aftertaste Hydration drinks and sports gels: none of them taste good. No matter what flavor they say they are, they taste nothing like what they should. Citrus? Nuh-uh.

13 Bye-bye Thigh Gap

Bye-bye Thigh Gap Pretty much all rummer girls are fit, but few of us have thigh gaps, because our legs are so muscular.

14 Roadhogs

Roadhogs Seriously? This bike path is wide enough for the both of us - unless you walk/bike/skate right down the middle.

15 Speed Walkers

Speed Walkers In a word, demoralizing. That's the feeling of being passed in a race, or just on your daily route, by speed walkers.

16 Chipper Runners

Chipper Runners When I'm in the 12th mile of a half-marathon, there's nothing worse than being passed by someone who's smiling, upbeat, and all-around chipper. I want everyone to be as miserable as I am!

17 Doggie Danger

Doggie Danger Dear rottweiler down the street from me who slobbers and growls EVERY. TIME. I RUN PAST: I'm not tasty. Please don't eat me!

18 Cat-Calls

Cat-Calls Umm, no dude. I'm not out here running for your visual satisfaction. And really? Have the cat-calls ever worked, you douchelord? .

19 Flip-Flops

Flip-Flops Right now I happen to have all of my toenails. By the end of summer, I'll be missing at least two or three. I'll miss my flip-flops and other sandals. Wah!

20 The GPS Debacle

The GPS Debacle Is there any feeling worse than finishing your best run ever and realizing your GPS/FitBit didn't work? Oh, the agony! Because if you can't share it on Facebook/Instagram, it didn't happen.

21 No One Gets It!

No One Gets It! I get it. I do. But unless you have a BFF who's a runner, too, she'll never understand our special issues. It's okay though.

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I can relate. I love running and I won't change it.

Jennifer truuuue

I dance too

I can relate

Busty girls have issues of never finding a sports bra that can support them :'(


Try Victoria's Secret bras! I'm a 36DDD (like actual DDD, not I'm wearing a push-up B that looks like a DDD) and they are the only thing that works for me

I can relate to a lot of these, but its only because I dance haha

Try hydralyte sport. The only rehydration that I like!

I don't get any of these problems and i run like every single day

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