7 Brilliant Marathon Training Tips You Should Follow to Succeed ...


As a 19 time marathoner, I have plenty of marathon training tips to help you prepare for your next 26.2 mile race. A marathon is a 26.2 mile race that reveals your training and preparation. You cannot fake preparation when running a race of this distance, so make sure you are prepared by following my tips. With proper training you can reach your time goal and feel great! You will also recover quicker and reduce the risk of an injury by following these tips. Here are my marathon training tips so you can have a great race and have fun!

1. Plan out a Schedule

In order to prepare for race day you need to begin by creating a marathon training schedule. You can consult a running coach with help on this or look online for a free training program. There are various online training programs that range from beginner to advanced levels. Creating a schedule tops my marathon training tips because without a schedule, you will fall short of your goal!

Invest in Good Training and Race Sneakers
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