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10 Amazing Songs to Run to ...

By Jennifer

There are so many songs to run to, you might feel like you’ll never finish your running playlist and head out the door! Well, sweetie, lace up those trainers and get ready to have your best run ever, because I’ve got all the songs you’ll need to do at least a mile or two. Here are my picks for the most amazing songs to run to. Let’s go!

1 Tongue Tied – Grouplove

Tongue Tied – GrouploveOn iTunes:
Words cannot accurately describe how much I love this song. It’s absolutely one of my very favorite songs to run to, and if you’ve seen the video, you know how appropriate it is to run to it! Just watch that you don’t sing out loud while you’re running, and I dare you to try to listen without smiling!

2 Pure Morning – Placebo

Pure Morning – PlaceboOn iTunes:
Check out the very first song on this album, and you’ll be ready to run before you can even lace up your trainers. It’s got a beat you can’t sit still for, and lyrics that are obtuse and somehow sexy.


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3 Animal – Neon Trees

Animal – Neon TreesOn iTunes:
Every time I hear this song, I can't help but sing along, especially to the chorus. It's so much fun, and it's such a great song to run to!

4 Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol

Dancing with Myself – Billy IdolOn iTunes:
Okay, I KNOW. But trust me, this blast from the past is an amazingly good song to run or to work out to. Even if you’re not a fan of '80s music, give this song a chance. You might just find yourself doing the Billy Idol sneer thing with your lips.

5 Hello – Martin Solveig & Dragonette

Hello – Martin Solveig & DragonetteOn iTunes:
I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much fun this song is to run to! It’s upbeat, a dance song more than an exercise song, but it works! It makes me want to wear a running shirt that says “hello” on the front… and “bye-bye” on the back!

6 I Wanna Be Sedated – the Ramones

I Wanna Be Sedated – the RamonesOn iTunes:
I first started listening to this song at the gym, but it translates quite well from “last 3 minutes on the elliptical” to “sprinting out the last block” while you’re running outside. You won’t wanna be sedated; you’ll wanna finish with your best time yet!

7 Intro – the XX

Intro – the XXOn iTunes:
Way back (a few years ago, anyway), there was a TV commercial featuring the gorgeous Apolo Ohno skating in a loop, with this song in the background. Since then, it’s been one of my favorite running songs. I mean, if it’s good enough for Apolo Ohno, it’s good enough for us, right?

8 Mr. Brightside – the Killers

Mr. Brightside – the KillersOn iTunes:
Wow, I love this song! It’s a whirlwind, from start to finish, and it’s guaranteed to get you across the finish line, no matter how much you want to stop. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video, so when you’re running, you can picture the dreamy front man squaring off against uber-creepster Eric Roberts… and imagine wearing that gorgeous show-girl costume!

9 Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash

Pumpkin Soup – Kate NashOn iTunes:
If you’ve ever wondered if your running buddy would make a good boyfriend, then this is the running song for you! It captures that unsure, edgy, antsy feeling perfectly, and the rhythm and beat will keep your feet moving while you debate moving out of the friend zone.

10 Madness – Muse

Madness – MuseOn iTunes:
This has been one of my favorite running songs for more than a year now; I play it every time I head out to get my run started at the right pace. It’s a good song no matter what you’re doing, played as loud as you can without hurting your ears or breaking quiet laws.

Now that you’ve loaded all of these songs into your iPod, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going! Which of these songs gets you moving the most? Or is there another song you like to run to I didn’t mention? Please share!

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