7 Additions to Your Diet That Can Improve Your Running Endurance ...

Not many people know that there are foods and drinks that can improve your running endurance. It’s true! You may be able to run fast, but not long distance, even if you want to. If that is the case, you are probably looking for something to help you out with running longer. Instead of turning to unnatural energy gels, you can turn to natural whole foods that will improve your athletic performance and keep you healthy. Try these options out before your next run and see for yourself how it can improve your running endurance.

1. Coconut Oil

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I know for a fact that coconut oil can help improve your running endurance. Just yesterday, I extended my usual run by 3 miles and was wondering why I was able to hold out so long. I then realized I had a piece of toast with coconut oil on it before I went! If you want the research to back this up, coconut oil is actually comprised of medium chain triglycerides, meaning the fat is easily digested. That also means that coconut oil is used immediately for energy and endurance instead of being stored as fat. Usually a tablespoon or so is a good amount to give you energy.

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