5 Steps to Help You Prepare for a 5K ...


5 Steps to Help You Prepare for a 5K ...
5 Steps to Help You Prepare for a 5K ...

With the refreshing weather outside charities are now gearing up for 5K walks and runs. That's why you're going to need these 5 steps to prepare for a 5K.

Whether you want to support to a charity or increase your fitness goals these 5 steps to prepare for a 5K will help you on the path to the finish line.

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Work out with Others

Exercising with friends or family can encourage you to go and complete your workout and is the first of the 5 steps to prepare for a 5K. Active explains, “not only are you motivated to get out of bed and exercise, but there’s the motivation to improve your current fitness level.” While working out with others, you can gain insight into how they train and what types of exercises they participate in. If your work out friend also wants to run in the 5K, then you will have someone supporting you throughout the race.


Start Small and Work Your Way up

It is important to allow yourself enough time to prepare for the race. According to Mayo Clinic, it is recommended that you increase your overall distance over the course of seven weeks. By pacing yourself, you are giving your body enough time to adjust to your new fitness level. “Focus on going farther, not harder,” Active says.


Watch Your Breathing

Runner’s World recommends deep breathing when running.
“Deep breathing fills the lungs and naturally improves posture as the lungs expand,” Runner’s World says. Monitoring your air flow is important when engaging in a power workout.


Track Progress

Find a way to watch for improvements in your workout especially if you are preparing for a 5K. There are a variety of options that will help you keep track. Active says, “keep track of your running time, mileage, mood, shoe mileage, and more.”


The Day of the Race

When getting ready on the day of the race, make sure to eat a meal before your run. “On race morning, be sure to eat the breakfast you’ve practiced in training,” Shape says. Before you take off in the race Shape also recommends warming up. “Start with a 10 minute easy jog, then slowly build your pace for 5 minutes. Then, include up to 5 short pick-ups under 30 seconds at race pace,” Shape explains.

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