7 Ways to Choose the Right Running Sneakers ...


Choosing the right running sneakers can be a tough decision, especially if you are not sure what you should be looking for.

Do not choose your running sneaker on looks alone because you could be selling yourself short of a shoe that will do wonders for your running.

The striped neon sneakers just may be the lightest weight shoes with arch support that will help you to skim twenty seconds off your 5k time, so do not snub those shoes or any shoes until you understand their technology.

So what do you look for when sneaker shopping?

I will help you with my tips for choosing the right sneakers.

Having run hundreds of races and finished at the top in quite a few, I have plenty of knowledge to share with you.

1. Know Your Size

You should know your size and if you are unsure, you can be measured at a running store.

Most running specialists recommend that you go ½ to 1 size bigger than your normal dress shoe size.

This is because as you log in miles, your feet often swell and there is nothing more uncomfortable than running in sneakers that feel tight.

So when choosing the right running sneakers, make sure you have the right size!

2. How is Your Arch

In order to get the proper running shoe, you should know if you have a high arch, a normal arch or if you are flat footed.

Usually the lower your arch, the more support you need or you will begin to feel pain in your joints.

To determine your arch, wet your foot slightly and stand on a piece of paper.

You should be able to determine your arch this way or visit a shoe specialist at your local running store.

3. What is Your Heel Strike

Your heal strike is usually closely related to your arch.

You can either run neutral (normal and efficient), over pronate (heavy heel strike) or under pronate (outward roll of foot).

To determine your heel strike you should visit a running coach or a specialty running store and have your strike analyzed as you run.

You can also determine this by bringing in a pair of running shoes you have run in for several months and having this analyzed.

Make sure to purchase running shoes that are proper for your running style.

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