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So you are new to running and aside from the cool new running shoes and running gear, you are unfamiliar in this new territory of the sport that you are now involved in.

As you run you find you are short of breath and feel jealous when during your run you notice a veteran runner that zooms by, almost effortlessly.

Before you get discouraged and put your running shoes to rest, let me share my running tips for newbies.

I have run hundreds of races from the 5k to the marathon and coached countless runners just like you.

So hang in there and read how you can pound the pavement with a smile!2

1. Expect to Be out of Breath

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As you run you may notice you are winded and for a good duration of the run have trouble catching your breath.

Before you freak out and think you are in the worst shape ever, know it will take time to build up your oxygen capacity.

With each run it will get easier.

Do not be discouraged, just take it day by day!

2. Begin with a Walk Run

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As you begin running and find your breathing labored feel free to walk for a short bit to recover.

In fact there are many beginning running programs that advise to begin with a walk run to build strength and endurance.

So run for 5 minutes then walk for one.

Continue for up to one hour depending on how good you feel.

As you get stronger, take away the breaks and just run for fun!

3. Realize It is Okay to Be Sore

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The day after you run you feel so much pain in your hamstrings and butt you cannot believe it.2

Believe it and it is okay because this is soreness from micro tears in your muscle fiber due to running.

Give it a day or two, stretch and the soreness will subside.

Listen to Your Body
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