7 Smart Ways to Fuel the Night before Your Race ...


As you prepare the night before your race, you may wonder what you can do to properly fuel.

Proper nutrition the night before the race can have a huge impact on how well you perform in your race.

It's just like a car: if you put the right gas in your car, it will run more efficiently.

Your body works the same way, so what can you do to properly fuel?

Certain tips, like proper hydration and your pre-race meal, will give you a competitive edge and prevent you from being sidelined due to lack of energy.

So here are the smart ways to fuel the night before your race:

1. Water

Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day but this is especially critical in the day before the race.

Proper hydration has major effects on your race and can help you avoid muscle cramping, speed up your recovery and run your miles well.

Proper hydration is a core component of your race fuel so make sure you drink up the night before your race.

Just only have the last glass before you head to bed or you will be making bathroom breaks all night long.

2. The Right Amount of Pasta

One of the biggest mistakes many runners make is they overload on carbohydrates the night prior to their race.

The results are profound: you will awake having digestive issues, feeling completely bogged down and being bloated.

So the solution is to have more carbs for several days leading up to the race so that you will not jar your body and you will still store the glycogen needed for your race.

3. Add Some Electrolytes

As you watch Michael Jordan chug down a Gatorade in a commercial, you may wonder if this will help you in your next race.

Gatorade and other commercialized electrolyte fluid is helpful for those running longer distances but if you are just running a 5k, this is not necessary.

You can however choose more natural options with less sugar, like coconut water.

Coconut water will balance your potassium level and help you to stay hydrated.

Have a Smoothie
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