7 Running Aches You May Have and the Possible Reasons ...


You may notice running aches in your joints and muscles after your runs and wonder if this is normal. It is normal to be sore. In fact, when you work out you create microscopic tears and when the muscles rebuild, soreness is necessary. But you may be searching for ways to differentiate between what is normal and what can lead to an injury, because you should not always push through soreness. The key is knowing when to push and when to not. With running you need to pay attention to your body cues and you should know the possible reasons for running aches like these:

1. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Have you ever performed a new workout and for days you found yourself extremely sore? This is delayed onset muscle soreness and this is a sign that you pushed harder in a workout that was high intensity. You can take a day off or go for a massage, but the professionals recommend that you run lightly and work though this, because it's one of the most minor running aches. Within a few days, your legs will feel fresh again.

Plantar Fasciitis