8 Motivating Health Benefits of Running ...


Everyone knows there are health benefits of running – after all, we wouldn’t put ourselves through this if we weren’t gaining, right?!

It’s all too easy to focus on that slimmer waist or those scale numbers, though, and forget all about the real changes that we are making right now.

If you need a little inspiration to hit the tarmac today, here are some of the best health benefits of running – they’ll get you moving!

1. It Boosts Mental Health…

One of the best health benefits of running is it’s effect on the mood.

Regular running has been proven to lift the mood and build confidence and self-esteem.2

It’s even used as a treatment for mild depression.

Just think, you might be lacking motivation right now, but once you’ve got your legs pumping you’ll be giving yourself a burst of happiness.

So tie up those trainers!

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