7 Great Races to Run at Least Once in Your Lifetime ...


As a marathon runner, I know there are so many great races to run at least once in your lifetime.

Some of my listed marathons (26.2 miles) I have run and others are on my β€œbucket list” of things to do in my life.

All of these races can be made into a great vacation as well.

And running a destination race is great motivation to rev up your training.

So here are 7 great races to run that you won’t regret.

1. NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon is the first on my list because I consider this one of the best races to run.

NYC Marathon is an amazing race through the 5 Boroughs of New York City.

It is a fast race with rolling hills, incredible crowd support and an amazing race finish through Central Park.

I have run this race six times already and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon for a reason!

The NYC Marathon is an amazing race!

If you are traveling here you can plan a few days in Manhattan visiting museums, plays, shopping and having fine dining experiences!

2. Flying Pigs Marathon

The Cincinatti Flying Pigs Marathon is a great race with rolling hills, friendly spectators and a really great pasta party the night prior.

I really enjoyed running this race because everyone is so welcoming right from the moment you pick up registration.

During the race all the local residents come out to support this great race.

If you are not a marathoner there is also a 5k and 10k race.2

This is a definite must do in my book!

While you are visiting this area you can visit their great aquarium!

3. Disney Marathon

There are so many great races in Walt Disney that rock!2

There is a 5k, 10 miler, half marathon and a full marathon.2

How great would it be to run through the park dressed like a princess?

Then run a Disney race.

Visit Disney with family and friends and this will be the ultimate fun destination race!

Wineglass Marathon
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