9 Food Themed Races That Every Foodie Will Love ...


It’s no secret that food themed races are becoming more and more popular, right up there with color races, but the question is, which one should you run? I’m partial to the hot cocoa races, but I also love the ones that give you beer at the end! All of the races I’ll list today are found here in Michigan, but there’s sure to be a version of the same idea somewhere near you. So lace up your trainers, and grab a fork and spoon? And let’s have a look at these food themed races every foodie (and runner) will love.

1. Hot Cocoa Race

PoHo Hot Cocoa Run – Port Huron, MI

It gets pretty cold here in Michigan in winter, which is why this hot cocoa run tops my list of food themed races — there’s no other way you’re going to get me outside for a race, besides offering me hot cocoa at the end! If you also live in a cold clime, check with local running clubs and websites to see if there’s a hot cocoa run near you. Brr!

Beer Run
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