8. Stop Running

One of the worst mistakes a runner can make is to stop running.

Itโ€™s surprising how quickly your body gets used to NOT running once youโ€™ve fallen off the wagon and missed your run for a few weeks.

The best fix for this, of course, is to start running again.

If you lack the motivation, itโ€™s time to change up your route or start running with a friend who can hold you accountable for showing up at the trail head every day.

Now itโ€™s confession time!

Iโ€™m particularly guilty of trying to match someone elseโ€™s pace on race day, but I think Iโ€™ve conquered most of these running mistakes.2

Which of these running no-nos have you been doing?

Or is there another running mistake youโ€™ve made that I didnโ€™t include in my list?

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